Sunday, August 28, 2011

Day 3, SF Video Project Continued

Hello Students,

Todays Agenda:

  • Lecture, Film History: Dziga Vertov's "Man With The Movie Camera"
  • Viewing: Cinematic Orchestra's Music Video "Man With The Movie Camera"
  • Final Cut Demonstration
  • Live Type Demonstration
  • SF Video Projects Continued

Thursday, August 25, 2011

San Francisco Edit Project

Hello Students,

This week we will be working on your first editing project. The challenge is to create an interesting and compelling short video with the raw video footage of San Francisco.

Follow the project requirements below, videos are due on thursday.
  • Your final video file should be under 2 minutes
  • Use some interesting music to edit to
  • Use sound effects to enhance certain shots
  • Keep the energy up, don't let a shot linger for more than 4 - 5 seconds
  • When complete, export your video to a quicktime file and transfer to my external harddrive

Watch my final cut demo today, then break and start working on your projects... use your class time wisely!

- Mr.Wilson

Setting up your iMac, File Management and First Exercise

Hello Students,

There are a few items we need to complete today, your task list is below:
  • Take a compter use agreement form, get it signed and return it ASAP
  • Find your place on the seating chart, locate your computer.
  • Turn your computer on, login username and passwords are located on whiteboard.
  • Create a file directory for yourself in the documents folder.
  • Create a shortcut to this directory and place it on the desktop for easy and quick access.
  • Remember to save each project in its own folder from now on.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Welcome SVHS Students

Hello Students,

Welcome to the beginning of your ROP Video Production class. This course will focus on the art of movie making, camera work, editing skills, special effects, video production techniques, story telling, storyboarding, script writing, marketing and promotion and film appreciation. ROP stands for Regional Occupational Program, which means we also study and develop the skills you will need to find employment in today's competitive job market as well.

I am your instructor, Seth Wilson. I have been working in the creative industry since 1996 and
continue to develop world class motion graphics projects, illustration and design. See my work
at my personal portfolio website:

All students will be given a syllabus, this must be reviewed with a parent or guardian and signed
and returned in 5 days.

Materials: I highly suggest that each student have a USB thumbdrive of at least 4GB capacity for
transferring files and storing artwork. Students may use their own video camera's for class projects if they wish. In the past students have shot entire projects using an iphone or small digital camera with video capability.

I also request that each student has a notebook for use during class, taking notes on operational procedures, lectures, videos, etc... is crucial. Students are often asked to write short response papers, write proposals or sketch ideas. Sketching, exploration and brain-storming skills are crucial to the creative process.

Day 1 Agenda:

- Introduction and demo reel
- Syllabus, Computer Use Forms, Permission Forms, Student Questionnare
- Overview of Class Procedures
- Equipment and Computer Use Protocol
- Q&A
- Student Videos

Stay tuned...