Sunday, October 16, 2011

Video Production Tips Checklist

Hello Students,
Here is a quick checklist to keep in mind when shooting and editing your current video project, and all future projects as well. These are just tips and tricks, let your subject matter dictate your filmmaking style first and fall back on these techniques for consistence and quality.

Video Tips Checklist:
- Keep your camera work smooth and steady. 

- Shoot more footage than you need, shoot 2 or 3 takes of each scene to allow you to choose the best take during editing.

- Change the camera height, distance... use close-ups, angles, wideangles, use a tripod. Avoid using the same camera position for more than 2 shots in a row.

- Try to have an edit ever 2-5 seconds on average. Avoid shots that linger for too long. 15 seconds is the maximum time any shot should sustain for (that is until you become a master of the filmmaking arts).

- Listen to all audio and check for clips that cut in and out abruptly, double click an audio layer to adjust its decibel level and then re-render audio to hear the change.

- Dialogue and narration should be crisp and clear and not drowned out by ambient noise or overly loud music. If you record voice over audio make sure it is in a very quiet room. Most macs have a utility to record audio, look in your application folder.

- Use the Motion Tab in Final Cut to create split screen effects, crossfades, animation or other effects. remember to double click your clip to adjust its motion parameters.

- Make sure your final version has full intro titles and end credits as well as tails (3 seconds of silence before and after any titles appear).

- Here is a quick tutorial on using Livetype to create titles: How to use Livetype to make Titles

Have fun everyone and stay productive!

 - Mr.W

Thursday, October 6, 2011

New Assignment: Photoshop Text Effects

Hello Students,

Your video projects can always use some awesome title graphics.... pick one of these tutorials to work through in photoshop. Ask me if you get stuck....

 - SW

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

YFIOB 11th Annual Business Education Luncheon


YFIOB is hosting a business education luncheon at the Coconut Grove, if you would like to attend please see me to register. Seating is limited so please express your interest ASAP or speak to our ROP counselor Julie Levy. Any students that attend can write a short summary of the event for extra credit.

It's an inspiring event and Your Future is Our Business is a great supporter of ROP and provides us with the inspiring career panels we get to have each year.

- Mr. W