Wednesday, December 14, 2011

New Assignment: Short Interview Video

Hello Students,
If you are finished with your holiday assembly video project than you can begin this short fun interview project. If you are diligent you can shoot and edit your video by the end of today's class.

Short Interview Video Assignment:
  • You may work as a team, but each team member is responsible for turning in their own edit
  • Use a tripod and camera
  • Pick a quiet spot to record, audio is important for this project... wind can drown out your subjects voice
  • Walk the school and ask anyone you can find if they are willing to be interviewed on camera
  • Try to ask at least 10 to 15 people the same questions, "Who are you", "Where are you from" and "What is your favorite holiday memory?" or a question of your choosing.
  • Download and convert your videos
  • Create a simple title sequence to introduce your video, great a title that has the question above before showing everyone's responses
  • Edit the responses together, the result should be warm, fuzzy and inspiring!
  • Keep the quality up, use appropriate music, keep the edits clean and the camera work smooth

Check out the video below for inspiration:

Have fun!
- Mr.W

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Mid-Year Survey

Hello Students,
Please follow the link below to complete the ROP mid-year survey. This information is crucial to ROP and is used to determine our course selections for future classes. Make sure to select your ROP class from the drop down list.

Link: Mid-Year Survey


- Mr.W