Wednesday, May 16, 2012

ROP End Of Year Course Survey

Hello Students,
With current legislation regarding education in California and a looming budget crisis for California schools, it is more important that ever that we gather information about your experiences in ROP courses and your future plans for education and career.

Please click the link below and fill out the survey. It takes about 3 minutes and is very important to ensure that ROP courses are made available for future classes.

Link: ROP End Of Year Course Survey

Thank you,
- Mr.W

Thursday, May 3, 2012

New Assignment: Video Yearbook Project

Hello Students,
Your new assignment is to create a yearbook video to highlight and capture the activities on our lovely campus. This project has a part A (shooting/recording video footage and sharing it) and a part B (editing your own video).

Project Overview:
In 10 or 20 years what will you remember most about High School? What will be your fondest memories? For many it is the bonds of friendship that we create, for others it is the trappings of student life, dress styles, hair styles, technology, teachers, environments, sports, events etc. Your challenge is to take the best pieces from our collection of footage and edit a great video together. Think of some great music to edit your video with and create a memorable project. We will choose our favorite to possibly post to the school website.

Video Yearbook Assignment:
Part A: Footage
  • Each student must shoot a minimum of 10 minutes of footage to add to our collection
  • When you are done shooting, copy your footage to our hard drive
  • Catalog your footage, is it sports footage? Interviews? Clothing and Style images? Messages to the future?
What to shoot?
B-Roll: This is footage that can be used as "filler" or as a visual narrative. Students coming to and from classes, working in class, teachers teaching, students working on projects and having fun, smiling faces etc.
Interviews: Interview teachers, faculty and students. Ask them to discuss their roles, activities, memories. They can send a message to themselves.
  • Current Events
  • News
  • Fashion, headgear, jewelry, shoes
  • Tech and gadgets
  • Language, slang
  • Popular culture, movies, tv, music
  • Teachers
  • Faculty
  • Events, dances, fund raising, proms
  • Clubs
  • Sports & teams
  • Spontaneous activities during breaks or lunch
Part B: Editing your video
  • Each student is responsible for editing a final video. We will review them in groups and pick our favorites for a final round of judging
  • Use all the techniques you have learned to make a great video, nice titles, animation, music, rapid fire editing, keep audio levels smooth
  • Final video is due on Monday the 21st
Have fun!
- Mr.W