Monday, October 29, 2012

Motion Graphics: After Effects for Beginners

Hello Students,
Motion Graphics is a technique that is used to bring graphics, animation and 3D content to life. It is used in commercials, production, movies, animation and more. From the most complicated animated feature film to a simple logo animation, motion graphics makes it happen.

Tutorials - After Effects for Beginners:
Read and work through these tutorials to gain an in-depth understanding of the After Effects workflow. Don't skip any steps or skim over the material, read each and every paragraph and try out the steps yourself. Write a 1 paragraph summary of each tutorial and discuss the methods you discovered and techniques that the tutorials demonstrate. Be thorough, you will be calling on these skills for the next assignment, working through an intermediate to advanced AE tutorial.

Motion Graphics can blur the line between video, art and animation

Friday, October 19, 2012

Stop Motion Title Animation

Hello Students,
Your next assignment is to create a stop motion animated title for your scavanger hunt project. You can use a point-and-shoot digital camera, cell phone camera (as long as you can copy off the images) or a video camera if it has a still-image mode.

Stop Motion Animation Project:
  • This is an individual project, no teams. Students may assist each other during the animation process.
  • Come up with a simple animation idea, stop motion with people, objects, clay, drawings etc, the animation should crescendo into a readable title for your project.
  • Image sequences can be compiled with After Effects, Premiere or Photoshop
  • Animation should run between 7-10 seconds
  • Project is due on Thursday

Monday, October 1, 2012

Attention Young Entrepreneurs!

Hello Students,
Do you have a great idea that could evolve into a new business, industry or service? Apply now to join the 2012 YEP Business Plan Challenge!
Do you have a BIG IDEA for starting a business?
Maybe it's an idea for:
  • A new or better product?
  • A new or better service?
  • A new way to help the environment?
  • A new way to raise money for an important cause?
Starting a business is a great way to build your skillset while getting one step closer to BEING YOUR OWN BOSS! Don't forget, the Youth Entrepreneurship Program is here to help you every step of the way. Once you've formed your team and applied, you'll receive specialized coaching and mentoring from small business experts to help you succeed!

  • Deadline to enter is Friday, October 5, 2012
  • Teams must consist of 2-5 members
  • Members must be current Santa Cruz or Monterey County high school students
  • Each Business Plan Challenge! team member must complete this application
To enter follow this link: