Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Special Guest Speaker: Steve Voizin from SOV Interactive

Yesterday our class was honored to host Steve Voizin as a special guest speaker. Steve is owner and operator of SOV Interactive, a media development company located in the San Lorenzo Valley. Steve is a visual designer and creative director for desktop, web, video and mobile projects. Steve provides his clients with elegant interactive multimedia marketing solutions, cutting edge collateral and has a passion for graphic design, typography and color theory. Steve shared his time with our class to discuss his work and career path and showed portfolio examples and behind the scenes images from his client projects.

About SOV Interactive:
SOV Interactive LLC, is a multimedia company that provides the marketing and advertising services to promote the particular lifestyle related to the product. The company was founded in 1999 and SOV Interactive is a cutting edge, independent digital media studio, specializing in motion graphics, video production, flash design, web engineering, and multimedia presentation services. SOV Interactive currently operates as an LLC in the State of CA. Steve Voisin, the chief creative office and business owner, has over fifteen years of professional multimedia experience working with major consumer and entertainment companies producing digital marketing collateral for events, trades shows, advertising, sales demos, and product launches. His goal is to offer “Highest Quality at half the price”. All of SOV's staffing are consultants and our company operates on a lateral and global level, where everyone has an equal part and voice on our creative projects.

Our class extends a big thank you to Steve Voizin for sharing his time... Thank You Steve!

  - Mr.W