Thursday, October 17, 2013

Surely you can't be serious (yes I am, and don't call me Shirley)

Hello Students,
Your newest class project is to produce a comedy/variety sketch show. Students will break into teams and produce comedy shorts, bumper animations and cut scenes and the shorts will be spun into a full show. We will attempt to air the show on community television.

Unusual TV Skit Show Assignment:

  • Students will work in teams of 4
  • Each team is responsible for shooting 1-3 short sketches or skits
  • Each skit should be 1 to 3 minutes in length, not to exceed 5 minutes for any sketch
  • Each team is responsible for shooting a show bumper or transition. This can be animated, done with video or use your own creativity. Bumpers must be 5 seconds long minimum, 10 seconds maximum and must display the title of our show at the end of the bumper, "Unusual TV" or "U TV"
  • Each team must provide a storyboard with dialogue and scene direction for approval before shooting can begin.
  • Teams will turn final edits into the team of producers for inclusion in final show version
  • Any sketch or bumper may be rejected, so put your best effort into your projects
Schedule will be posted ASAP

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

New Assignment: Kinetic Type Animation Tutorial

Hello Students,
Your newest assignment is to complete one of the two animated type tutorials listed below. You will be using After Effects to reinforce your motion graphic skills. You will need to follow the steps in the video tutorials very carefully, if you get stuck ask questions but don't give up!

Kinetic Type Animation Tutorials:

Awesome Vintage 80's Title Creation:
This tutorial shows you how to create a radical vintage style title animation and shows many cool tips and tricks with Adobe After Effects. You will be totally stoked to the max if you can complete this intermediate tutorial.

Rhythmic Motion Typography Animation:
In this tutorial you will learn how to make animated text that moves to the music, you will create dynamic action and use motion blur to create a bold stylized type animation. The skills taught in this tutorial are highly sought in the motion graphics industry.