Monday, August 28, 2017

Modern Motion Graphics: Introduction to Animation with Key Frames in AE

Hello Students,
To re-inforce our newly developing skills in After Effects (AE) we will revisit the effects and animation tutorial to create a short series of sample animations that demonstrate different capabilities in AE.

Tutorial Link: AE for beginners - effects and animation

Animation Basics Project:
In this project you are required to read the tutorial link above and create examples of different methods and techniques of animating with AE. Your animation should use simple solid shapes or images, the key is to simply demonstrate each technique listed below. Keep your sample animations short and to the point. Total running time for project should be kept under 2 minutes.

  • Open up the link above in a web page
  • Launch AE and create a new HD composition
  • Create an animation sample using simple solid shapes or images for each of the following listed below
  • Work with your classmates to share information and discoveries
  • When complete export your sample animation movie and turn in to the external HD
  • If you are unsure refer to the tutorial page, it lists all the methods to create these samples

Create a sample key framed animation that demonstrates the ability to transform:

  • Position
  • Opacity
  • Scale
  • Rotation

Create a sample animation that demonstrates the ability to alter the velocity of a keyframe:

  • Easing into a keyframe, to slow down
  • Easing out of a keyframe, to begin slowly and speed up

Create a sample animation that demonstrates:

  • Parenting of 2 objects
  • 2-3 objects that overlap each other and show blending modes applied to change how objects blend together
  • A masked object
  • A masked object with a feather applied to the mask
  • A masked object where the mask is animated

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