Thursday, October 12, 2017

Freestyle Video Project

Freestyle Video Project:
Your new assignment is to create an original 2 minute video. Video concepts must be approved by me, and then proposals must be completed before time can be scheduled for shooting. We have limited camera's so everyone will have to pre-plan a shooting schedule. You will work in teams of two-four for this project. Your team must follow all phases of the project and meet all requirements. All teams are expected to work during class time, if you aren't shooting video than you should be editing, working on title animations, learning after effects and working through tutorials, creating graphics etc.

Subject matter, style and technique are wide open. Consider that almost anything can be turned into a video. You could make a video about what people eat for lunch, what cars they drive, you could make a short documentary, music video, experimental video, scene recreation etc. Let's discuss your concepts and ideas.

Project Phases:
  • Choose team members (no more than 4 per team)
  • Brainstorm project ideas
  • Write a 1 page project proposal
  • Upon approval write a shot list or draw a storyboard for your video (pre-production)
  • Schedule and begin shooting upon storyboard approval (production)
  • Edit and create titles, add audio and music, etc... (post production)
  • Each team member must edit their own example, work as a group but edit individually!

Project requirements:
  • Keep TRT (Total Running Time) below 2 minutes
  • Video project must match original proposal/storyboard or shot list
  • Appropriate content only, including music selects
  • Proposal and Storyboards must be approved by me
  • Smooth camera work
  • Clean editing and titles

  • Proposals due Monday the 16th
  • Storyboards or Shot Lists due Tueesday the 17th
  • Videos due at E.O.C. the following tuesday

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