How To Bleep or Censor Audio

Hello Teams,

For some of you, I have asked you to censor a few offending words in your final project. Remember we need to keep our videos family friendly! Premiere has an easy way to create "Bars and Tone" that can be used to censor  audio clips.

Create Bars and Tone in Premiere to Censor Audio:

  • Go to File Menu / New / Bars and Tone
  • Choose your video and audio settings in the dialogue box that pops up and click OK
  • Bars and Tone will appear in your Project asset window, drag it to your timeline
  • Unlink the video/audio tracks and delete the bars
  • Use the tone where you need to censor audio
  • Use the razor tool to "cut" the offending audio from your original source
  • Playback to hear effect!

SMPTE color bars is a television test pattern used where the NTSC video standard is utilized, including countries in North America. TheSociety of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) refers to this test pattern as Engineering Guideline EG 1-1990. The components of this pattern are a known standard. Comparing this pattern as received to the known standard gives video engineers an indication of how an NTSC video signal has been altered by recording or transmission and what adjustments must be made to bring it back to specification. The pattern is also used for setting a television monitor or receiver to reproduce NTSC chrominance and luminance information correctly. Originally conceived in the 1970s by Al Goldberg of CBS Laboratories, and previously categorized by SMPTE as ECR 1-1978, the development of this test pattern was awarded an Engineering Emmy in 2001-2002